Term Child Care Providers
Code PH-1250
Definition Programs that provide substitute parental care in a group setting for children during some portion of a 24-hour day. Services may include recreational and developmental activities and snacks and/or meals as appropriate.
Created 12/1/10
Changed 3/14/12
Use References Childcare Providers
Child Daycare
Child Day Care
Children's Daycare
Children's Day Care
See Also References Child Care Expense Assistance (NL-3000.1500)
Child Care Instruction (JR-8200.1500)
Child Care Provider Associations (TN-1400)
Child Care Provider Licensing (DF-4500.2000-130)
Child Care Provider Recruitment (PH-2400.1400)
Child Care Provider Referrals (PH-2400.1500)
Child Care Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.1600)
Child Care Worker Registries (PH-2400.1550)
Children's Play Groups (PS-1500)
Child Transportation Programs (BT-4500.6500-120)
Crisis Nurseries/Child Care (BH-1800.1500-050)
Post Disaster Child Care (TH-2600.6400)
Preschool Referral Programs (HL-2500.6300)
Preschools (HD-1800.6500)
Tiny Tots (PL-7400.8500)
External Classification Terms Child Care (NPC P02.03)
Child Day Care (NTE P33)
Day Care-Children (UW
Family Community Support (ACH H-01)
Individual, Family and Community Support (USA IF-330)
Individual/Family Services (CAN IF-330)
Special Day Care for Mentally Retarded (UW
Related Concepts After School Programs
Children and Youth
Day Programs
Early Childhood Programs/Services
Ex-Offender/Reentry Services
Foster Care Transition Services
Facet Service
Bibliographic References UWASIS II: A Taxonomy of Social Goals & Human Service Programs, United Way of America Services Identification System, United Way of America, Alexandria, Virginia: Second Edition, November 1976.

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