Term Adult Protective Services
Code PH-6500.0500
Definition Social services programs that provide assistance for older adults, people with disabilities and other vulnerable individuals who are unable to act on their own behalf or manage their own affairs, or who are in immediate danger due to physical or emotional abuse, unsafe or hazardous living conditions, exploitation, neglect, self-neglect or abandonment. Included are APS programs that investigate cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation working closely with a wide variety of professionals including physicians, nurses, firefighters and law enforcement officers following receipt of a report from friends, neighbors or others concerned for their safety; and public and private guardianship/conservatorship programs that make provisions for people who have been judged to be incompetent by the court by assuming responsibility for the care and custody of the individuals and/or for the management of their estates.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 1/7/20
Use References Adult Protection Programs
See Also References Elder Abuse Counseling (RP-1400.8000-020.24)
Elder Abuse Hotlines (RP-1500.1400-210)
Elder Abuse Shelters (BH-1800.1500-140)
Elder Abuse Support Groups (PN-8100.0200-200)
Elder Abuse Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.0200-250)
Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Orders (FT-6940.1950)
Preservation of Assets Assistance (LH-4000.6500)
Representative Payee Services (DM-7000)
External Classification Terms Individual, Family and Community Support (USA IF-330)
Individual/Family Services (CAN IF-330)
Personal Safety (ACH E-01)
Personal Social Services (NPC P05)
Personal Social Services (NTE P50)
Protection of Adults from Neglect, Abuse, Exploitation (UW
Related Concepts Disabilities
Emergency and Crisis Services
Older Adults
Facet Service
Bibliographic References "What is Adult Protective Services?", National Adult Protective Services Association website, https://www.napsa-now.org/get-help/how-aps-helps/

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