Term Adult Protective Intervention/Investigation
Code PH-6500.0500-050
Definition Social services programs provided by state and/or local governments that evaluate reports from friends, neighbors or others who are concerned about the welfare of an older adult or person with a disability who may be unable to act on their own behalf, manage their own affairs or are in immediate danger due to physical or emotional abuse, unsafe or hazardous living conditions, exploitation, neglect, self-neglect or abandonment. If the situation meets the criteria for intervention, an APS worker will initiate face-to-face contact with the individual, assess their situation for safety and need for assistance, and determine what services, if any, would be beneficial to maintain his/her well-being and independence. Services may include removal of the individual to safer surroundings, authorization for medical treatment and other available services that may be necessary to remove the conditions which have created a threat. Every state has its own distinct APS system and programs which vary in terms of populations served, services provided and scope of the program; and while APS workers help thousands of vulnerable adults every day, individuals always have the right to decline assistance.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 1/7/20
Use References Adult Self Neglect Intervention
Adult Self Neglect Investigation
Elder Abuse Investigation
Emergency Involuntary Protective Services for Adults
See Also References Adult Day Program Complaints (DD-1500.0070)
Adult Residential Facility Complaints (DD-1500.0080)
Elder Abuse Prevention (FN-1500.1900-180)
Mental Health Facility Complaints (DD-1500.5830)
Nursing Facility Complaints (DD-1500.4280-600)
Patient Rights Assistance (FT-6200)
External Classification Terms Individual, Family and Community Support (AIRS IF-330)
Individual/Family Services (CAN IF-330)
Personal Safety (ACH E-01)
Personal Social Services (NPC P05)
Personal Social Services (NTE P50)
Protection of Adults from Neglect, Abuse, Exploitation (UW
Related Concepts Disabilities
Emergency and Crisis Services
Older Adults
Facet Service
Bibliographic References "What is Adult Protective Services?", National Adult Protective Services Association website, https://www.napsa-now.org/get-help/how-aps-helps/

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