Term Basic Automobile Care Classes
Code PL-7400.1750-100
Definition Programs that provide classes which teach car owners the basics of maintaining their vehicles. Included may be information about oil changes, engine coolants, brake and power steering fluids, fan belts, drive belts, hoses, air filters, batteries (inspection and cleaning), tires (tire tread, tire rotation and inflation pressure), warning lamps and gauges, dealing with a vehicle breakdown, fixing a flat tire, jump-starting a dead battery and scheduled maintenance.
Created 5/17/05
Changed 5/4/10
Use References Basic Auto Care Classes
Car Care Classes
Motor Vehicle Care Classes
Vehicle Care Classes
See Also References Automobile Donation Programs (TI-1800.9000-050)
Automobile Insurance (DF-7000.0700)
Automobile Insurance Fraud Reporting (FN-1700.3350-050)
Automobile Loans (BT-8300.0870)
Automobile Repair Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1700.0500)
Automobiles (BM-0500)
Automobile Theft Prevention (FN-1500.0500)
Automotive Repair and Maintenance (BM-7000.0500)
Driver Licenses (DF-7000.1850)
Stolen Automobile Reporting (FN-1700.8000)
External Classification Terms Arts, Culture and Recreation (AIRS AR-100)
Arts, Culture and Recreation (CAN AR-100)
Informal Education for Self-Improvement/Self-Enrichment (UW
Related Concepts
Facet Service
Bibliographic References “Maintenance Information”, AAA website, http://www.csaa.com/portal/site/CSAA/menuitem.639b23df0b66b76e812ddff192278a0c/?d-49653-p=1&vgnextoid=a3cbd284f0749010VgnVCM1000002872a8c0RCRD

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