Term Caravan Camping/Trips
Code PL-8700.1500
Definition Programs organized by community or educational groups that provide opportunities for people of all ages, but particularly for teens, to travel to a destination for the purpose of sightseeing and/or backpacking, river rafting, horseback riding, skiing or other activity during the day and camping by night.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 11/5/09
Use References
See Also References Camp Counselor Volunteer Opportunities (PX-7000.1400)
Campgrounds (PL-6400.7000-150)
Camping Gear (PL-7200.1500)
Camping Gear Donation Programs (TI-1800.4500-150)
Camps (PL-6400.1500)
Wilderness Therapy Programs (PH-6200.9200)
External Classification Terms Arts, Culture and Recreation (AIRS AR-100)
Arts, Culture and Recreation (CAN AR-100)
Hobbies (NPC N04.04)
Leisure & Recreational Activities (NPC N04)
Recreational Clubs (NTE N50)
Related Concepts International/Intercultural
Facet Service
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