Term Abuse/Violence Related Support Groups
Code PN-8100.0200
Definition Mutual support groups whose members are individuals who have experienced physical or emotional abuse within the context of the home or workplace, human trafficking, sexual assault or violent crime. The groups meet in-person, by telephone or via the Internet; provide emotional support, information and resources for participants; and may be structured for victims/survivors of abuse and/or violence, for family members and others affected by the violence, or for perpetrators of family violence.
Created 12/8/10
Changed 2/9/16
Use References
See Also References Abuse Counseling (RP-1400.8000-020)
Anger Management (RP-1400.8000-070)
Family Violence Prevention (FN-1500.1900)
External Classification Terms Counseling (NTE F60)
Counseling (UW
Individual, Family and Community Support (AIRS IF-330)
Individual/Family Services (CAN IF-330)
Personal Safety (ACH E-01)
Personal Social Services (NPC P05)
Personal Social Services (NTE P50)
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Facet Organization/Facility Type
Bibliographic References The Self-Help Sourcebook: Finding and Forming Mutual Aid Self-Help Groups, Fourth Edition, American Self-Help Clearinghouse, Riverside Medical Center, Denville, NJ, 1992

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