Term Adoption and Foster/Kinship Care Support Groups
Code PN-8100.6500-030
Definition Mutual support groups whose members are individuals who have adopted a child or are considering or in the process of adoption, birth parents who relinquished a child for adoption, people who were, themselves adopted, foster care providers, children in foster care, kinship caregivers (paternal or maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members, members of a child's tribe or clan, godparents, stepparents, neighbors, friends of the family or other adults who can serve as "family"), children cared for by relatives under a formal or informal kinship care arrangement and/or adults who, as children, were raised in foster or kinship care. Groups may also be structured for adoptees, siblings and/or birth parents who have been reunited; older kinship caregivers who have taken on an unexpected parenting role later in life; and people who have other kinship issues, e.g., grandparents and other relatives who have been denied access to a grandchild or other youngster due to a death or divorce in the child's family. Meeting formats may include in-person, telephone or Internet options.
Created 12/8/10
Changed 12/1/15
Use References Adoption and Foster/Relative Care Support Groups
Adoption/Foster Care Support Groups
Adoption Support Groups
Foster Care Support Groups
Foster Child Support Groups
Foster Family Support Groups
Foster Parent Support Groups
Foster Youth Support Groups
Grandparents as Parents Support Groups
Grandparents Raising Children Support Groups
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Groups
Kinship Caregiver Support Groups
Kinship Care Support Groups
Relative Care Support Groups
Support Groups for Birth Parents Relinquishing a Child
Support Groups for Children Cared For By Relatives
Support Groups for Children in Kinship Care
Support Groups for Children Placed With Relatives
See Also References Adoption Courts (FC-8200.8100-050)
Adoption Legal Services (FT-3000.0300)
Adoption Petition Filing Offices (FJ-1600.0300)
Adoption Records (DF-7000.0100)
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Adoption Support Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.0300)
Foster Care Legal Services (FT-3000.2100)
Foster Home Licensing (DF-4500.2000-200)
Foster Home Placement (PH-2400.1900)
Foster Homes for Children With Disabilities (PH-6300.1900)
Foster Homes for Dependent Children (PH-6300.2000)
Foster Parent/Family Recruitment (PH-2400.2000)
Foster Parenting Support Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2300.2200)
Kinship Navigator Programs (PH-2400.4000)
Parent Support Groups (PN-8100.6500-650)
Therapeutic Foster Homes (PH-6300.8500)
External Classification Terms Counseling (UW
Counseling (NTE F60)
Family Community Support (ACH H-01)
Individual, Family and Community Support (USA IF-330)
Individual/Family Services (CAN IF-330)
Personal Social Services (NPC P05)
Personal Social Services (NTE P50)
Related Concepts Child Abuse
Children and Youth
Early Childhood Programs/Services
Foster Care Transition Services
Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
Bibliographic References The Self-Help Sourcebook: Finding and Forming Mutual Aid Self-Help Groups, Fourth Edition, American Self-Help Clearinghouse, Riverside Medical Center, Denville, NJ, 1992

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