Term Geography Clubs/Societies
Code PS-8200.8200-250
Definition Programs that provide organized opportunities for individuals to pursue their interest in geography (the area of social science that deals with the description, distribution and interaction of the diverse physical, biological and cultural features of the earth's surface), often through the medium of a club or society that is under the leadership of people who are knowledgeable in the subject. Activities may include lectures, slide shows and other presentations that provide information about specific topics; opportunities for members to share and/or discuss their own work on issues in the subject area; field trips; and other activities that promote the study and appreciation of geography among members. Included are Internet-based virtual clubs, WebRings devoted to the subject and clubs where members meet face-to-face.
Created 3/31/05
Changed 1/5/10
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See Also References Geographic Information System Development/Management (TP-3350.1800-250)
Geography Research (TR-8000.2400)
External Classification Terms Arts, Culture and Recreation (CAN AR-100)
Arts, Culture and Recreation (USA AR-100)
Extracurricular Activities (NPC B04.08)
Geography (NPC V06)
Population Studies (NTE V25)
Social Development (UW
Related Concepts After School Programs
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