Term Animal Advocacy Volunteer Opportunities
Code PX-0500.0100
Definition Animal rights groups and other similar organizations that are actively seeking individuals who are willing, on a voluntary basis without remuneration, to work for the passage and enforcement of laws and other measures that protect domestic and wild animals from cruelty or neglect or seek to limit or prevent the use of animals for experimental purposes.
Created 1/23/02
Changed 2/3/04
Use References Animal Rights Volunteer Opportunities
See Also References Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1850.4000-030)
Animal Rights Groups (TD-1600.0500)
Environmental Protection/Advocacy Volunteer Opportunities (PX-2100.1800)
Lobbying Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1500.4500)
External Classification Terms Promotion of Volunteerism (UW
Voluntarism Promotion (NPC T05)
Voluntarism Promotion (NTE T40)
Volunteers/Donations (AIRS VO-900)
Volunteers/Donations (CAN VO-900)
Related Concepts Advocacy/Rights Protection
Philanthropy and Volunteerism
Facet Service
Bibliographic References

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