Term Counseling Services
Code RP-1400
Definition Programs that provide guidance and support in resolving personal, social or psychological problems through an interactive process that encourages patients to make maximum use of their assets, strengthen effective existing defenses while eliminating those that are maladaptive, gain insight into conscious or unconscious conflicts, modify their goals and make other decisions that will help them improve their personal and interpersonal functioning and deal effectively with troubling situations in their lives.
Created 5/25/11
Changed 2/23/12
Use References Talk Therapy
Therapist Services
See Also References Adoption Counseling and Support (PH-0300.0300)
Birth Control Counseling (LJ-2000.1000-100)
Counseling Approaches (RD)
Counseling Settings (RF)
Pregnancy Counseling (LJ-2000.6500)
Student Counseling Services (HL-8120.7950)
Substance Use Disorder Counseling (RX-8450.8000)
Support Groups (PN-8100)
Therapy Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1800.9000)
Truancy Counseling (HL-2500.8600)
External Classification Terms Counseling (UW
Counseling (NTE F60)
Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (AIRS MH-500)
Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (CAN MH-500)
Specialized Counseling (NPC F06)
Related Concepts
Facet Service
Bibliographic References Psychiatric Dictionary, Robert J. Campbell, Oxford University Press, New York, 1996.

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