Term Law Enforcement Reform Groups
Code TD-1600.1530-450
Definition Organizations that advocate for changes in law enforcement practices that will allow police personnel to deal more effectively with crime and criminal offenders while protecting their rights.
Created 11/1/99
Changed 2/4/04
Use References Police Reform
See Also References Law Enforcement Agencies (FL)
Law Enforcement Complaints (DD-1500.5200)
Law Enforcement Services (FN)
Police/Community Relations Groups (TD-1600.6550)
External Classification Terms Administration & Justice (NPC I03.02)
Alliance & Advocacy Organizations (I) (NTE I01)
Community Services (CAN CM-150)
Family Community Support (ACH H-01)
Individual, Family and Community Support (AIRS IF-330)
Related Concepts Advocacy/Rights Protection
Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
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