Term Cultural Heritage Groups
Code TD-1600.1550
Definition Organizations that work for the preservation and promotion of the traditions, values and lifestyles of different cultural groups; organize activities and events which promote cultural exchange locally, regionally and nationally; and seek to encourage understanding and respect for different cultural heritages among youthful members of the group as well as the mainstream population.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 2/4/04
Use References Domestic Cultural Exchange Groups
Heritage Organizations
Multicultural Groups
See Also References Cultural Heritage Programs (TA-1550)
Cultural Museums (TA-5500.3000-150)
Diversity and Ethnic Studies (TR-8000.8000-180)
Diversity Awareness Training (PH-6200.1860)
Ethnic Collections (TJ-4500.8300-180)
Ethnic Music Concerts (TA-5750.2000)
Ethnic Music Groups (PS-8200.5000-180)
Ethnic Neighborhoods (PL-7600.1900)
Ethnic Oriented Multipurpose Centers (TC-5500.1800)
Ethnic Oriented Social Clubs (PS-8000.1900)
Ethnic Theater Productions (TA-8500.1800)
Folk/Ethnic Art Exhibits (TA-9000.0300-180)
Folk/Ethnic Art Instruction (PL-7400.0500-250)
Folk/Ethnic Dance Performances (TA-1700.2000)
Folk/Ethnic Dancing Instruction (PL-7400.1700-200)
Immigrant/Refugee Support Groups (PN-8100.4500-330)
International Cultural Exchange (TL-3800.3500)
Rite of Passage Programs (PH-6200.7200)
External Classification Terms Advocacy for the Arts (UW
Advocacy for the Humanities (UW
Community Services (CAN CM-150)
Cultural & Ethnic Awareness (NTE A23)
Cultural & Ethnic Awareness (NPC A03.03)
Family Community Support (ACH H-01)
Individual, Family and Community Support (AIRS IF-330)
International Cultural Exchange (NTE Q21)
Promotion of Intercultural/International Relations (UW
Promotion of International Understanding (NTE Q20)
Related Concepts Advocacy/Rights Protection
Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
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