Term Mattress Recycling Centers
Code TE-8920.6600-490
Definition Organizations that operate centers which serve as collection points for mattresses that cannot be re-purposed for distribution to people who need new ones, generally deconstructing them and selling the usable remains for use in manufacturing new products. Some centers may pick up the mattresses from the individual's home.
Created 12/13/18
Changed 1/10/19
Use References
See Also References Mattress Donation Programs (TI-1800.3000-500)
Mattresses (BM-3000.5000)
Pressure Reduction Mattresses/Beds (LH-5000.6700)
External Classification Terms Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (AIRS OT-600)
Recycling (NPC C06.07)
Recycling (NTE C27)
Solid Waste Management (UW
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Facet Service
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