Term Avalanche Control
Code TH-1800.1600-050
Definition Programs that seek to control the size and frequency of avalanches or to direct the path of an avalanche by establishing avalanche hazard zones which map the level of avalanche risk in specific areas; using explosives, test skiing or other equipment or techniques to set off an avalanche pre-emptively and stabilize an avalanche area; installing diversion and anchoring structures to prevent or control the course of snow glides; or taking other measures to prevent avalanches or protect individuals, property and natural resources from their destructive effects.
Created 8/15/01
Changed 11/23/05
Use References Avalanche Prevention
See Also References Avalanche Preparedness Information (TH-1700.1800-050)
Avalanche Warnings (TH-2100.0500)
Ski Patrol (JR-1800.8100)
External Classification Terms Disaster (CAN DI-180)
Disaster Preparedness and Relief (UW
Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services (NTE M20)
Disaster Services (NPC M02)
Disaster Services (AIRS DI-180)
Related Concepts Disaster Services
Facet Service
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