Term Disaster Relief Services
Code TH-2600
Definition Programs that facilitate the exchange of information and/or provide short-term assistance, usually in the form of food, clothing, blankets, temporary shelter, furnishings, small appliances or temporary financial aid, for people who have suffered injuries or incurred losses due to a major disaster or large-scale emergency that disrupts the normal functioning of a community. The objective of disaster relief is to help individuals sustain their lives during the immediate aftermath of the event. NOTE: "Disaster Relief" is a category of services utilized by community human services agencies involved in disaster work. Government organizations do not recognize disaster relief as a formal part of the disaster cycle. Most of the services classified as disaster relief are considered by government to be part of disaster recovery and a few (e.g., disaster welfare inquiries) are categorized as disaster response.
Created 12/4/96
Changed 2/4/04
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External Classification Terms Disaster (CAN DI-180)
Disaster Preparedness and Relief (UW
Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services (NTE M20)
Disaster Relief/Recovery (NPC M02.04)
Disaster Services (USA DI-180)
Related Concepts Disaster Services
Facet Service
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