Term Art Sharing Web Services
Code TJ-1800.3300-600.04
Definition Online technology tools such as Art on the Net and DeviantART that allow artists to exhibit and discuss their work.
Created 4/16/09
Changed 4/16/09
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See Also References Art Appreciation (PL-7400.0700-080)
Art Collector Clubs (PS-8200.1400-060)
Artist Services (TA-0400)
Artist Volunteer Opportunities (PX-0700.0500)
Art Libraries (TJ-4400.8100-060)
Art Museums (TA-5500.0500)
Arts and Crafts Clubs (PS-8200.0550)
Arts and Crafts Donation Programs (TI-1800.4500-080)
Arts and Crafts Instruction (PL-7400.0500)
Arts Associations (TN-0400)
Arts Centers (TA-0480)
Arts/Humanities Councils (TD-1400.0400)
Art Supplies (PL-7200.0350)
Schools of the Arts (HD-6000.8000)
Visual Arts (TA-9000)
External Classification Terms Electronic Media (NPC A06.03)
Information Services (AIRS IS-330)
Information Services (CAN IS-330)
Media & Communications (NTE A30)
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Facet Service
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