Term Public Wi-Fi Sites
Code TJ-1800.6800
Definition Locations at which users of electronic equipment (PCs, tablets, smart phones) with Wi-Fi receivers can wirelessly connect to the Internet. This service is often provided as a convenience to customers at restaurants, hotels, bookstores and coffee shops as well as libraries; and the wireless connection can be either secure (which encrypts transmissions based on a password provided by the host) or unsecured. The Wi-Fi service may be provided at no cost or could involve a registration fee.
Created 9/5/06
Changed 11/19/20
Use References Public WiFi Sites
Public Wireless Fidelity Sites
Public Wireless Internet Connection Sites
See Also References Mobile Hotspot Devices (BM-5053)
External Classification Terms Electronic Media (NPC A06.03)
Information Services (AIRS IS-330)
Information Services (CAN IS-330)
Media & Communications (NTE A30)
Related Concepts Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
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