Term Information and Referral
Code TJ-3000
Definition Programs whose primary purpose is to maintain information about human service resources in the community and to link people who need assistance with appropriate service providers and/or to supply descriptive information about the agencies or organizations which offer services. The information and referral process involves establishing contact with the individual, assessing the individual's long and short-term needs, identifying resources to meet those needs, providing a referral to identified resources, and, where appropriate, following up to ensure that the individual's needs have been met.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 4/14/04
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See Also References Disaster Service Center/Hotline Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1900.1710)
Information and Referral Associations (TN-3300)
Information and Referral Database Management Assistance (TP-3350.1800-330)
Information and Referral Software Selection (TP-3350.8000-330)
Information and Referral Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1800.1500-200)
External Classification Terms Information and Referral (Separately Organized) (UW
Information & Referral (NPC P05.17)
Information Services (CAN IS-330)
Information Services (USA IS-330)
Personal Social Services (NTE P50)
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Facet Service
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