Term 3D Printing
Code TJ-4500.0020
Definition Public, academic and special libraries or other organizations that offer 3D printing services, a process that creates three dimensional solid objects from a 3D digital model, typically by laying down many layers of material in succession. Users make a virtual design, often a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file, of the object they want to create using a 3D modeling application. If making a 3D copy of an existing object, a 3D scanner can be used. The technology is significant because it offers direct manufacturing, i.e., a design that goes directly from the creator to the physical product using a computer and a 3D printer.
Created 2/14/17
Changed 2/14/17
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External Classification Terms Information Services (AIRS IS-330)
Information Services (CAN IS-330)
Libraries (UW
Libraries (NTE B70)
Library (NPC B06)
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