Term Emergency Management Associations
Code TN-1870
Definition Organizations whose members are emergency management professionals from all levels of government and the private sector who have affiliated for the purpose of advancing the professionalism of the field, promoting mutual interests and supporting policies, procedures and practices that will save lives and protect property and the environment during times of disaster or other emergencies. Emergency management associations offer training and education conferences, provide a forum for discussion and information exchange, offer access to policy research, encourage collaboration and mutual assistance networks, advocate for legislative initiatives and other measures that enhance emergency planning and effectiveness, and provide leadership to ensure that there is an integrated approach to the management of emergency programs and activities during all phases of an emergency (mitigation, preparedness, response, relief and recovery). They may also establish standards for the field, offer certification and accreditation programs, share best practices, provide a resource library and offer other types of support for members.
Created 8/21/07
Changed 5/5/10
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See Also References Citizen Corps (TH-1700.1910-150)
Disaster/Emergency Services Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1900)
Disaster Related Bereavement Support Groups (PN-8100.1000-180)
Disaster Related Fraud Reporting (TH-2900.1795)
Disaster Services (TH)
Foreign Disaster Services (TL-3650.2000)
Public Safety (JR)
External Classification Terms Disaster Preparedness and Relief (UW
Disaster Services (NPC M02)
Other Government/Economic Services (AIRS OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
Professional Societies & Associations (M) (NTE M03)
Related Concepts Disaster Services
Facet Organization/Facility Type
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