Term Home Care/Hospice Associations
Code TN-2900
Definition Organizations whose members are home health, hospice and personal care agencies that have affiliated for the purpose of promoting mutual interests, increasing the visibility of home care services, disseminating information to members and the general public and improving the quality, accessibility and affordability of in-home and end of life care. Home health and hospice associations may provide opportunities for personal and professional development through conferences, publications and other activities; advocate for the rights of patients, their families and caregivers and people who are bereaved; maintain referral services through which people who require home health, personal care, palliative care or hospice services are referred to member agencies; and/or provide information about employment opportunities for people working in the field.
Created 7/20/04
Changed 10/21/08
Use References End of Life Care Associations
Home Health Care Associations
Home Healthcare Associations
Palliative Care Associations
Personal Care Associations
See Also References Aging/Long Term Care Facility Associations (TN-0300)
Health Statistics (TJ-8000.3000)
Home Health Care (LT-2800)
Hospice Care (LT-3000)
Hospice Care Referrals (LH-2600.3000)
Hospital Associations (TN-3000)
Life Sciences Associations (TN-8100.4500)
Medical and Health Sciences Research (TR-1000.5000)
Medical Associations (TN-5000)
Medical Clinic Associations (TN-5020)
Personal Care (PH-3300.6500)
Personal Care Agency Complaints (DD-1500.6980)
External Classification Terms Health Care, General/Other (NPC E01)
Occupationally/Professionally Oriented Groups/Associations (UW
Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (USA OT-600)
Professional Societies & Associations (E) (NTE E03)
Related Concepts Death and Dying
Home-Based Services
Organization/Facility Type
Facet Organization/Facility Type
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