Term Direct Lobbying Assistance
Code TP-5900.6500-200
Definition Programs that help nonprofit organizations, small businesses and other groups influence the passage or defeat of a specific piece of legislation, local ordinance or administrative ruling through direct contact with lawmakers or others with decision-making authority. The program may provide training on effective direct lobbying techniques, consultation services to help the organization develop and implement an effective direct lobbying campaign or offer the services of a trained lobbyist to work on behalf of the organization.
Created 9/17/03
Changed 1/13/10
Use References
See Also References Judicial Advocacy (FP-0500.3900)
Legislative Advocacy (FP-0500.4500)
Lobbying Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1500.4500)
Political Action/Lobbying Groups (TD-1600.6600)
External Classification Terms Capacity Building and Effectiveness Enhancement (UW
Nonprofit Management (NTE S50)
Organizational Development & Training (NPC S04)
Other Government/Economic Services (AIRS OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
Related Concepts Advocacy/Rights Protection
Facet Service
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