Term Organizational Capacity Building
Code TP-6600.6550
Definition Programs that provide support for organizations that need to develop core skills, capabilities and tools in key areas such as leadership, management, finance, fundraising and program planning and evaluation as a means of building the organization's effectiveness and sustainability. Capacity building is the process of assisting organizations to identify and address issues and gain the insights, knowledge and experience needed to solve problems and implement change. It is facilitated through provision of technical support activities including coaching, training, targeted technical assistance and resource networking.
Created 9/17/03
Changed 7/30/07
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External Classification Terms Capacity Building and Effectiveness Enhancement (UW
Nonprofit Management (NTE S50)
Organizational Development & Training (NPC S04)
Other Government/Economic Services (AIRS OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
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Facet Service
Bibliographic References “Reflections on Capacity Building”, Laura Campobasso and Dan Davis, The California Wellness Foundation, http://www.tcwf.org/pdf_docs/reflections/april2001.pdf

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