Term Training of Trainers Dissemination Programs
Code TP-6650.8600
Definition Programs that provide training for individuals, who want to gain the knowledge, skills and tools to become trainers using a particular approach, methodology or curriculum developed, perhaps trademarked, packaged and marketed by another organization. Participants generally have basic training skills and experience but need to develop expertise in the concepts and techniques contained in the training program. Training of trainers programs vary in length from one-day workshops to multi-year courses; generally supply training agendas, workbooks, process guides, videotapes and other materials which help to standardize training content; and may require that participants present a portion of the training to a group of their peers to demonstrate their mastery of the curriculum, receive acceptable evaluation scores on their performance, attend refresher courses and/or become formally certified before being permitted to conduct their own training sessions.
Created 9/17/03
Changed 1/23/06
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See Also References Organizational Training Services (TO-6600)
Training Skills Development (TP-6650.8700)
External Classification Terms Nonprofit Management (NTE S50)
Organizational Development & Training (NPC S04)
Other Government/Economic Services (AIRS OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
Personnel Development & Training (UW
Related Concepts Labor and Employment
Facet Service
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