Term Medical and Health Sciences Research
Code TR-1000.5000
Definition Programs that conduct basic and applied research which focuses on human diseases with the objective of improving human health through the development of vaccines, medicines and other forms of treatment.
Created 2/13/07
Changed 10/21/08
Use References Health Care Research
Healthcare Research
See Also References Clinical Trials (LT-1530)
Dental Schools (HD-6000.6200-180)
Epidemiology Research (TR-1000.2000)
Health Law (FT-3250)
Home Care/Hospice Associations (TN-2900)
Hospital Associations (TN-3000)
Medical Associations (TN-5000)
Medical Clinic Associations (TN-5020)
Medical Information Services (TJ-3200.5000)
Medical Museums (TA-5500.5250)
Nursing Schools (HD-6000.6200-500)
Public Health (JP)
Schools of Public Health (HD-6000.6200-730)
External Classification Terms Allergy & Immunological Diseases Research (NPC H02.02)
Alzheimer Disease Research (NPC H02.15.O2)
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research (NPC H02.15.03)
Arthritis Research (NPC H02.14.02)
Asthma Research (NPC H02.16.02)
Biomedical Engineering Research (NPC H03.02)
Birth Defects/Genetic Disorders/Developmental Disorders Rese (NPC H02.03)
Cancer Research (NPC H02.04)
Cardiovascular Research (NPC H02.05)
Cerebral Palsy Research (NPC H02.03.02)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research (NPC H02.14.03)
Communication Disorders Research (NPC H02.06)
Community Medicine Research (NPC H03.03)
Cyctic Fibrosis Research (NPC H02.03.03)
Diabetes Research (NPC H02.10.02)
Digestive System Diseases Research (NPC H02.08)
Diseases & Disorders Research (NPC H02)
Diseases of the Blood & Blood Forming Organs Research (NPC H02.07)
Down Syndrome Research (NPC H02.03.04)
Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases Research (NPC H02.09)
Endocrine, Metabolic & Nutritional Research (NPC H02.10)
Epilepsy Research (NPC H02.15.04)
Eye Diseases, Blindness & Vision Impairments Research (NPC H02.11)
Genitourinary Diseases Research (NPC H02.12)
Geriatrics Research (NPC H03.05)
Head Injury Research (NPC H02.18.02)
Heart Diseases Research (NPC H02.05.02)
Hemophilia Research (NPC H02.07.02)
Hepatitis Research (NPC H02.13.02)
HIV/AIDS Research (NPC H02.13.03)
Infectious Diseases Research (NPC H02.13)
Kidney Diseases Research (NPC H02.12.02)
Language & Speech Disorders Research (NPC H02.06.02)
Learning Disabilities Research (NPC H02.06.03)
Leukemia Research (NPC H02.04.02)
Liver Disease Research (NPC H02.08.02)
Lung Diseases Research (NPC H02.16.03)
Lupus Research (NPC H02.14.04)
Lyme Disease Research (NPC H02.13.04)
Medical Disciplines & Occupations Research (NPC H03)
Medical Research (NPC H)
Medical Specialties Research (NPC H03.07)
Military & Naval Medicine Research (NPC H03.08)
Multiple Sclerosis Research (NPC H02.15.05)
Muscular Dystrophy Research (NPC H02.14.05)
Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Diseases Research (NPC H02.14)
Nervous System Diseases Research (NPC H02.15)
Nursing Research (NPC H03.09)
Osteopathic Medicine Research (NPC H03.10)
Osteoporosis Research (NPC H02.14.06)
Other Government/Economic Services (USA OT-600)
Other Government/Economic Services (CAN OT-600)
Parkinson Disease Research (NPC H02.15.06)
Research & Information (Alcohol and Drug Abuse) (UW
Research & Information (Cancer) (UW
Research & Information (Environmental Health) (UW
Research & Information (Health) (UW
Research & Information (Oral Health) (UW
Research & Information (Rehabilitation) (UW
Respiratory System Diseases Research (NPC H02.16)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research (NPC H02.13.05)
Sickle Cell Disease Research (NPC H02.07.03)
Skin Diseases Research (NPC H02.17)
Spinal Cord Injury Research (NPC H02.18.03)
Sports Medicine Research (NPC H03.12)
Surgical Specialties Research (NPC H03.13)
Telemedicine Research (NPC H03.14)
Tropical Medicine Research (NPC H03.15)
Tuberculosis Research (NPC H02.13.06)
Women's Cancers Research (NPC H02.04.03)
Wounds & Injuries Research (NPC H02.18)
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Facet Service
Bibliographic References Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-05 Edition, Medical Scientists, on the Internet at http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos008.htm (visited May 13, 2004).

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