Term Children With Medical Complexity
Code YF-6000.1490
Definition Children with two or more severe chronic health conditions affecting multiple organ systems. Many such children have functional limitations, require round the clock care and rely on durable medical equipment, assistive devices and prescriptions to maximize development, promote functionality and survive. The type, intensity and consistency of these manifestations may change dynamically over the life of the child depending on a variety of medical, psychosocial and community factors. The children typically require the care of a primary care physician working as part of a multidisciplinary team that may include psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, nutritionists, social workers, home nurses, pharmacists and other professionals. The child's service needs have a significant impact on the family unit, specifically the time devoted to direct care and the care coordination, the frequent provider visits and the financial burden, but also on the health care system. While less than 1 percent of all children are considered medically complex, they account for 55 percent of all inpatient costs in children's hospitals and 85 percent of all 30-day readmission rates.
Created 7/9/20
Changed 7/9/20
Use References Children With Medically Complex Conditions
Medically Complex Children
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