Term Displaced Homemakers
Code YL-3500.1900
Definition Individuals (primarily women) who, in their middle and later years, having fulfilled the role of homemaker, find themselves displaced because of dissolution of marriage, death of a spouse, or other loss of family income. As a consequence, displaced homemakers have a greatly reduced income, a high rate of unemployment due to age, lack of paid work experience and discrimination, and limited opportunities to collect assistance from social security, unemployment compensation, Medicaid and other health insurance benefits, or the pension plans of their spouse.
Created 7/16/07
Changed 11/9/09
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See Also References Underemployed Workers (YL-3500.9000)
Unemployed Individuals (YL-3500.9010)
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Bibliographic References “Title XXIII, Labor, Chapter 275-D, Displaced Homemakers”, http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/XXIII/275-D/275-D-mrg.htm

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