The print function allows you to display and print the Acknowledgments document; structure, save and download versions of the Taxonomy that have been customized to meet the needs of specific communities; and download U.S. and Canadian English and Canadian French versions of all Taxonomy displays (outline, hierarchy, alphabetical display and thesaurus display), a related concepts report and two external systems crosswalk displays that are created automatically by the system each time the website is updated. Select the display you want to print and the system will generate a file that you can download to your local computer for off-line printing.  All documents are in PDF format, and have an assigned title, date of generation and copyright notice.  Print options include:

Acknowledgments:  The Acknowledgments document is a cumulative list of the source material for Taxonomy definitions and structure that includes the contributions of people who have supported the Taxonomy throughout its development as well as bibliographic and other resources that have been used. It was drafted when work on the Taxonomy was initially begun in 1983 and has been maintained since that time. 

Custom Reports:  Custom reports are “on demand” reports that you can structure, run and download at your convenience.  Options include:

You can only have one custom report on the server at any given time. If you want to run several, you must delete each previous report before beginning a new one.

Standard Reports:  There are nine standard reports that are automatically generated by the system for each of the three locales whenever the website is updated.

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