Search Taxonomy

The search function allows you to search the Taxonomy in five different ways:  by keyword (a word or phrase), by code, through a drilldown process, by related concepts or by terms in one of five external classification systems to which the Taxonomy is crosswalked. The default is the Keyword Search. To select another search, click on the applicable link. 

You can also select a customized version of the Taxonomy developed with the Filters function to use as the basis of your search. Click on “change” next to "Viewing" and select the filter you wish to apply. Resulting searches include only terms that are part of the customized filtered set. The message next to "Viewing" tells you which filter has been applied (or will read "none") in addition to the locale (U.S. English, Canadian English, Canadian French).  Note that adding a filter to the search parameters may slow the search process.

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