How do I learn to use the Taxonomy?

What if I can't find the term I am looking for?

How do I ask for a new term?

Send an e-mail to the taxonomy administrator (Georgia Sales) at 211 LA County to request a new term.

Why does the Taxonomy change so frequently?

In order for the Taxonomy to remain useful as a tool for indexing and accessing community resources, it needs to accurately reflect the ever-changing human services delivery system. When new services become available or when the language describing human services changes, the Taxonomy must be modified accordingly in order to meet the needs of the field. The vast majority of additions and changes are prompted by requests from subscribers. For information on keeping your Taxonomy updated, read the article by Georgia Sales on the topic (Taxonomy Supplements: How to Keep the AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy Updated for Your Resource File).

Do I have the use the whole Taxonomy?

No, you do not and should not. All organizations customize the Taxonomy to meet their local needs before beginning the indexing process. If your software allows it, you can deactivate terms you do not wish to use so that neither your resource managers nor people searching your database see terms you have decided are irrelevant. You can also use the Manage Filters function on the Web site to develop and maintain your customization. For more information about customization, see the article in the Taxonomy Library (Customization Guidelines).

How Often is the Online Taxonomy Updated?

While changes are frequently made to the working copy of the Taxonomy multiple times a day, the actual database is updated less frequently, generally about once a month. When the online database is updated, an announcement is posted to the AIRS_Taxonomy Listserv. To see when the online Taxonomy was last updated, go to Recent Changes section of the Web site and click twice on the heading marked "Change Date". The list will be re-sorted and the most recent updates will appear first.

When do I need a license to use the Taxonomy?

An organization needs a license to engage in any use of the Taxonomy. In situations where there is a central database maintained for use by multiple organizations, each of the organizations needs its own license. Please contact 211 LA County for more information about licenses.

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