What's new in 211taxonomy.org version 4.1?


This function allows subscribers to create, share and maintain customized versions of the Taxonomy by removing terms they do not wish to include in your filtered set. Some filters are "official" (created by work groups with expertise in a particular area). Others are created by subscribers and may be shared (community filters) or kept as private. Official and community filtered sets are available to all subscribers. For information about how to use this function, refer to the Manage Filters Help page

Customized Filtered Set Searches

Subscribers have the ability to select any of the published customized versions of the Taxonomy created by the Manage Filters function to use as the basis of their search. Click on "change" next to "Viewing" and select the filter you wish to apply. Resulting searches will include only terms included in the customized filtered set.

Custom Reports

The Print function now allows subscribers to configure, download and print customized versions of the Taxonomy. Options include:

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