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Code External Concept
P01 Alliance & Advocacy Organizations (P)
P02 Management & Technical Assistance (P)
P03 Professional Societies & Associations (P)
P05 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis (P)
P11 Single Organization Support (P)
P12 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution (P)
P19 Support N.E.C. (P)
P20 Human Services
P21 American Red Cross
P22 Urban League
P24 Salvation Army
P26 Volunteers of America
P27 Young Mens or Women's Associations
P28 Neighborhood Centers
P29 Thrift Shops
P30 Children & Youth Services
P31 Adoption
P32 Foster Care
P33 Child Day Care
P40 Family Services
P42 Single Parent Agencies
P43 Family Violence Shelters
P44 In-Home Assistance
P45 Family Services for Adolescent Parents
P46 Family Counseling
P47 Pregnancy Centers
P50 Personal Social Services
P51 Financial Counseling
P52 Transportation Assistance
P58 Gift Distribution
P60 Emergency Assistance
P61 Travelers' Aid
P62 Victims' Services
P70 Residential Care & Adult Day Programs
P71 Adult Day Care
P73 Group Homes
P74 Hospices
P75 Supportive Housing for Older Adults
P80 Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations
P81 Senior Centers
P82 Developmentally Disabled Centers
P83 Women's Centers
P84 Ethnic & Immigrant Centers
P85 Homeless Centers
P86 Blind & Visually Impaired Centers
P87 Deaf & Hearing Impaired Centers
P88 LGBT Centers
P99 Human Services N.E.C.

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