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Code External Concept
O01 Alliance & Advocacy Organizations (O)
O02 Management & Technical Assistance (O)
O03 Professional Societies & Associations (O)
O05 Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis (O)
O11 Single Organization Support (O)
O12 Fund Raising & Fund Distribution (O)
O19 Support N.E.C. (O)
O20 Youth Centers & Clubs
O21 Boys Clubs
O22 Girls Clubs
O23 Boys & Girls Clubs
O30 Adult & Child Matching Programs
O31 Big Brothers & Big Sisters
O40 Scouting
O41 Boy Scouts of America
O42 Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
O43 Camp Fire
O50 Youth Development Programs
O51 Youth Community Service Clubs
O52 Youth Development - Agriculture
O53 Youth Development - Business
O54 Youth Development - Citizenship
O55 Youth Development - Religious Leadership
O99 Youth Development N.E.C.

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