Term Residential Lift Equipment
Code BH-3000.3500-750
Definition Programs that provide and/or install stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, inclined lifts, residential elevators or other devices that help people with physical disabilities overcome barriers created by stairways in homes.
Created 7/15/99
Changed 2/27/12
Use References Inclined Lifts
Platform Lifts
Residential Elevators
Stair Glides
Stair Lifts
Stairway Lifts
See Also References Mobility Aids (LH-0600.5000)
External Classification Terms Home Barrier Removal (NPC L03.02)
Home Improvement & Repairs (NTE L81)
Home Improvements/Repairs Assistance (UW
Housing (CAN HO-300)
Housing (USA HO-300)
Housing Assistance for Special Groups (UW
Living Situation (ACH A-01)
Related Concepts Disabilities
Long Term Care
Physical Disabilities
Facet Service
Bibliographic References

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