Term Condominium/Homeowner Association Fee Payment Assistance
Code BH-3800.1500
Definition Programs that pay the monthly or annual fees owed to condominium or homeowner's associations for people who are unable to make the payment themselves and are otherwise at risk for losing their homes. Condo association fees are collected to cover costs associated with the exterior of the condominium property including the roof and common areas. In the case of an HOA, an entity whose members are homeowners residing within a particular area, the fees are used to ensure the provision and maintenance of community facilities and enforcement of the various covenants and restrictions. HOA common areas may include the parking lots, sidewalks, green space not included within the lots, playgrounds, swimming pool and other recreation facilities. Also included are programs that pay fees owed to a housing cooperative when there is an association organized to collect and manage them. Fee payment assistance programs for any of the three types of community associations may have age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements.
Created 9/27/07
Changed 5/2/17
Use References Condo Association Fee Payment Assistance
Condo Fee Payment Assistance
Condominium Association Fee Payment Assistance
Condominium Fee Payment Assistance
HOA Association Fee Payment Assistance
Homeowner Association Fee Payment Assistance
Housing Cooperative Fee Payment Assistance
Housing Co-Op Fee Payment Assistance
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External Classification Terms Housing (CAN HO-300)
Housing (USA HO-300)
Housing Expense Assistance (NPC L06.03)
Housing Expense Reduction Support (NTE L82)
Living Situation (ACH A-01)
Voluntary Financial Assistance (UW
Related Concepts Emergency and Crisis Services
Financial Services/Benefits
Facet Service
Bibliographic References "Condominiums vs. HOAs: The Bottom Line", by Jeremy M. Tucker, Lerch, Early and Brewer's Legal Update, http://www.lerchearly.com/publications/441-condominiums-vs-hoas-bottom-line

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