Term Utility Assistance
Code BV-8900
Definition Programs that provide financial assistance for people who are at risk for having their utilities shut off; offer discounted utility services; provide disconnection protection; arrange for notification regarding pending disconnection; make available special services such as large print utility bills or levalized energy bill payment arrangements which support people's ability to make their payments; or supply wood, propane, butane or other fuel for heating or cooking purposes in situations where people have no other means of acquiring them. Utility assistance programs may have age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements.
Created 3/10/10
Changed 7/29/14
Use References Utilities Assistance
See Also References Energy Sciences Research (TR-6500.6500-180)
Power Line/Pipeline Information (TE-6450)
Public Utility Regulation/Deregulation (DF-8000.6600)
Utility Power Shut Off Scam Reporting (FN-1700.1470-940)
Utility Service Connection/Repair (BV-8950)
Utility Service Providers (BV-9000)
Utility Tax Exemption Information (DT-8700.9000)
External Classification Terms Emergency Assistance (NTE P60)
Temporary Financial Aid (NPC P03.05)
Utility Assistance (CAN UT-900)
Utility Assistance (USA UT-900)
Voluntary Financial Assistance (UW
Related Concepts Financial Services/Benefits
Facet Service
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