Term Insurance Complaints
Code DD-1500.4800
Definition Programs that accept and, where possible, attempt to resolve complaints regarding the licensing, services, unethical or improper conduct of personnel or other inappropriate business practices of companies that sell insurance or settle insurance claims.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 9/5/06
Use References
See Also References Disaster Relief Services (TH-2600)
Health Maintenance Organization Complaints (DD-1500.4280-280)
Insurance Fraud Reporting (FN-1700.3350)
External Classification Terms Consumer Complaints Processing and Investigation (UW
Consumer Protection (NPC W07)
Consumer Protection (NTE W90)
Consumer Redress (UW
Consumer Services (CAN CO-150)
Legal, Consumer and Public Safety Services (AIRS LE-450)
Related Concepts Disaster Services
Facet Service
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