Term Criminal Justice and Legal Services
Code F
Definition Programs that promote and preserve the conditions that enable community residents to live in a safe and peaceful environment through the enforcement of laws that protect life and property and the administration of justice according to the principles of law and equity. Included are crime prevention programs as well as programs that investigate and make arrests for criminal behavior; provide support for witnesses to and victims of crimes; and provide for the arraignment, prosecution and defense, judgment, sentencing, confinement and eventual release and resettlement of offenders.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 11/3/03
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See Also References Crime Statistics (TJ-8000.1600)
Criminal Justice/Legal Services Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1850)
Criminal Justice/Legal System Reform Groups (TD-1600.1530)
Criminology Research (TR-8000.1500)
International Justice Programs (TL-3500)
Law and Jurisprudence Research (TR-8000.4700)
Public Safety (JR)
External Classification Terms Crime & Legal (NPC I)
Crime & Legal-Related (NTE I)
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