Term Justices of the Peace
Code FJ-6700.3500
Definition In the United States, the justice of the peace typically presides over a court that hears misdemeanor cases, traffic violations, and other petty criminal infractions. The justice of the peace may also have authority over cases involving small debts, landlord and tenant disputes, or other small claims court proceedings. Proceedings before justices of the peace are often faster and less formal than the proceedings in other courts. In some jurisdictions a party convicted or found liable before a justice of the peace may have the right to a trial de novo before the judge of a higher court rather than an appeal strictly considered. They also officiate at weddings, issue arrest warrants, deal with traffic offenses, and hold inquests.
Created 9/9/21
Changed 9/9/21
Use References JP
Justice of the Peace
See Also References Civil Marriages (PH-9400.1500)
External Classification Terms Administration & Justice (NPC I03.02)
Administration of Justice (NTE I50)
Legal, Consumer and Public Safety Services (AIRS LE-450)
Legal/Public Safety (CAN LP-450)
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