Term Public Health
Code JP
Definition Programs that protect and improve the health of the population through comprehensive efforts at the community level to prevent, control and eradicate disease and disabilities; eliminate environmental health hazards; promote sanitary living conditions; and recognize, prevent and control conditions in the workplace that constitute health hazards or place workers at risk for accidents.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 2/25/15
Use References Community Health
Department of Public Health Services
Environmental Health
Population Health
Public Health Department Services
Public Health Services
See Also References Environmental Protection and Improvement (JD)
Health Care (L)
Health Statistics (TJ-8000.3000)
International Health Programs (TL-3300.3650)
Medical and Health Sciences Research (TR-1000.5000)
Public Health Advisories (JR-8000.6400)
Schools of Public Health (HD-6000.6200-730)
External Classification Terms Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (USA HC-300)
Public Health (NPC E11)
Public Health (NTE E70)
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Facet Service
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