Term Social Prescribing
Code LH-6300.8020
Definition The goal of social prescribing is to refer patients to psychosocial resources in their community to break isolation, promote autonomy, mobility, and a healthy lifestyle. Aimed largely at prevention, it complements traditional clinical treatments by recognizing that a person's health is determined by a variety of social, economic and environmental factors that cannot all be addressed through traditional medicine, or in the brief amount of time an individual is actually in a doctor's office. Social prescribing may include a diverse spectrum of community support and services, such as art classes, museum visits, fishing lessons, or knitting circles that are selected according to the individual's interests. A "social prescription" is typically made by a patient's primary care provider, after carefully considering their needs and whether social prescribing will benefit them. The process then involves a navigator or link worker who helps connect the patient to appropriate resources and supports the patient in implementing their social prescription.
Created 6/16/22
Changed 6/16/22
Use References
See Also References Health Care Referrals (LH-2600)
Specialized Information and Referral (TJ-3000.8000)
External Classification Terms Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (USA MH-500)
Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (CAN MH-500)
Patient & Family Support (NTE E86)
Patient & Family Support (NPC E08)
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Facet Service
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