Term AIDS Drug Assistance Programs
Code LH-6700.6400-040
Definition Programs that provide FDA approved HIV-related prescription drugs to low-income people with HIV/AIDS who have limited or no prescription drug coverage. ADAPs may also purchase insurance and provide adherence monitoring and outreach under the program's flexibility policy. ADAPs are not entitlement programs. Annual federal appropriations and, where available, funding from other sources (which is highly variable and dependent on local decisions and resources), determine how many clients ADAPs can serve and the level of services they can provide. Each state administers its own ADAP, including the establishment of eligibility criteria, drug formularies, and other program elements. No minimum formulary or client income eligibility level is required under current law. There is wide variation in access to ADAPs and in the range of drugs offered across the country. The program is funded through Part B (formerly Title II) of the Title XXVI of the Public Health Service Act as amended by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006 (Ryan White Program), which provides grants to states and territories.
Created 7/1/08
Changed 1/7/15
Use References ADAP Programs
Part B Ryan White AIDS/HIV Drug Assistance Programs
Part B Ryan White HIV/AIDS Drug Assistance Programs
Ryan White ADAP Programs
See Also References AIDS/HIV Clinics (LT-1750.0500)
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External Classification Terms AIDS (NTE G81)
Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (AIRS HC-300)
Health Support (NTE E60)
HIV/AIDS (NPC G02.13.03)
Pharmaceutics (NPC E10)
Pharmacology (NPC G03.11)
Related Concepts Insurance
U.S. Services/Targets
Facet Service
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