Term Childbirth Education
Code LJ-5000.1500
Definition Programs that offer classes or other educational experiences which prepare prospective mothers and their birth partners emotionally and physically for the labor and birth process. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology of birth, relaxation and breathing techniques, different types of labors, birthing/delivery options and postpartum care. Also included are programs that prepare other members of the family (grandparents and siblings) for the arrival of a new family member.
Created 10/25/93
Changed 10/27/14
Use References Birth Education
Birthing Classes
Childbirth Classes
Childbirth Preparation Programs
Prenatal Classes
Prenatal Education
See Also References Parenting Education (PH-6100)
Pregnancy/Childbirth Support Groups (PN-8100.6500-680)
External Classification Terms Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (USA HC-300)
Maternal and Child Health Concerns (UW
Maternal & Infant Care (NPC E13.03)
Reproductive Health Care (NTE E40)
Related Concepts Foster Care Transition Services
Facet Service
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