Term Auditory/Oral Training
Code LR-8000.0500-050.05
Definition Programs that teach individuals who have hearing impairments to communicate using an approach which stresses the use of residual hearing, the development of speech and language skills and the supplementary use of speech reading and visual cues from the face and body rather than reliance on sign language.
Created 1/15/08
Changed 3/7/11
Use References Oral Communication Instruction
See Also References
External Classification Terms Deaf & Hearing Impaired Centers (NTE P87)
Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (AIRS HC-300)
Outpatient Rehabilitation (UW
Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired (NPC E12.10)
Rehabilitative Care (NTE E50)
Related Concepts Deafness/Hearing Impairments
Facet Service
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