Term State Medicaid Waiver Appeals/Complaints
Code NL-5000.5000-780
Definition Programs that are responsible for hearing appeals and resolving complaints that have been filed by people who have applied for or are receiving benefits through a state Medicaid waiver program and believe that they have been discriminated against, that their rights have been violated or that the program has failed to take appropriate action with respect to their application or benefits. The program also hears appeals by providers seeking to participate in the program whose applications have been denied.
Created 11/29/99
Changed 10/27/15
Use References State BadgerCare Waiver Appeals/Complaints
State Medi-Cal Waiver Appeals/Complaints
State Title 19 Waiver Appeals/Complaints
State Title XIX Waiver Appeals/Complaints
See Also References Aging and Disability Resource Centers (LH-0350)
Medicaid Managed Care Ombudsman Programs (FT-5410)
State Medicaid Waiver Programs (NL-5000.5000-800)
External Classification Terms Financial (ACH F-01)
Financial Aid for Medical Care (MEDICAID) (UW
Government & Public Administration (NTE W20)
Health (CAN HC-300)
Health Care (USA HC-300)
Public Assistance (NPC W08.03)
Related Concepts Advocacy/Rights Protection
Financial Services/Benefits
Long Term Care
Named Programs
Older Adults
U.S. Services/Targets
Facet Named Programs
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