Term Wilderness Therapy Programs
Code PH-6200.9200
Definition Programs that provide outdoor adventure courses for individuals struggling with emotional, social and behavioral challenges, with the aim of increasing self-esteem and self-reliance while fostering personal and social responsibility. Through immersion in an unfamiliar environment, group living with peers and the mastering of new skills such as fire-making and backcountry travel, participants are encouraged to push themselves and face challenges designed to be therapeutic in nature. Activities may include hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking and horseback riding. Outings may be customized for troubled adolescents, survivors of violence or abuse, military veterans, people living with a disability, people recovering from a trauma or facing a major life transition, or others who can benefit from the experience.
Created 6/19/02
Changed 7/11/19
Use References Outdoor Therapy Programs
See Also References Caravan Camping/Trips (PL-8700.1500)
Juvenile Boot Camps (FF-0500.6530-350)
Juvenile Delinquency Diversion Counseling (RP-1400.8000-370)
Paramilitary Delinquency Prevention Programs (FN-1500.3600-650)
Therapeutic Camps (PL-6400.1500-850)
Wilderness First Aid Instruction (LH-2700.2000-950)
Wilderness Training (PL-7400.9000)
External Classification Terms Individual, Family and Community Support (AIRS IF-330)
Individual/Family Services (CAN IF-330)
Personal Enrichment (NPC P05.19)
Personal Safety (ACH E-01)
Personal Social Services (NTE P50)
Related Concepts After School Programs
Children and Youth
Facet Service
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