Term Disability Related Sports
Code PL-7000.3150
Definition Programs that provide opportunities for people of all ages with functional or cognitive disabilities to learn, become competitive in and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities and sports, many of which are played in wheelchairs or have otherwise been modified to accommodate the athletes' disabilities.
Created 9/11/00
Changed 3/6/12
Use References Adapted Recreational Programs
Adaptive Recreational Programs
Disability Related Sports Clubs
Disability Related Sports Instruction
Disabled Sports
See Also References Paralympic Games (PL-8000.5500-700)
Special Olympics (PL-8000.5500-850)
External Classification Terms Arts, Culture and Recreation (AIRS AR-100)
Arts, Culture and Recreation (CAN AR-100)
Athletics & Sports (NPC N02)
Participatory Recreation (UW
Physical Activity (ACH J-01)
Related Concepts After School Programs
Blindness/Visual Impairments
Developmental Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Facet Service
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