Term Calligraphy Instruction
Code PL-7400.0500-100
Definition Programs that provide classes, individual lessons or other opportunities for people who want to learn or perfect their skills in calligraphy, the art of decorative writing using a variety of letterforms including uncial, secretary, carolingian and sans serif/Roman writing. Classes may also include instruction in decorative writing using italics or any of a variety of other alphabets including Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Chinese or Japanese.
Created 3/10/92
Changed 10/12/09
Use References Shodo Instruction
See Also References Calligraphy Clubs (PS-8200.0550-100)
Paper Art Exhibits (TA-9000.0300-660)
External Classification Terms Arts, Culture and Recreation (CAN AR-100)
Arts, Culture and Recreation (AIRS AR-100)
Arts Education (NTE A25)
General Arts Education (NPC A01.02)
Informal Education for Self-Improvement/Self-Enrichment (UW
Personal Involvement/Active Participation in Artistic Pursuits (UW
Visual Arts Instruction (NPC A09.14)
Related Concepts After School Programs
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