Term Health/Disability Related Counseling
Code RP-1400.8000-300
Definition Programs that provide emotional support, information and guidance in a variety of settings for individuals who have a disability; who are concerned about or have any of a variety of illnesses, including those that may ultimately be fatal; or who have experienced the disabling or disfiguring effects of an illness, injury or surgery. The counseling may deal with the realities of having a disability or being ill, coping with their illness/disability, life adjustments required by their situation, and helping them evaluate their alternatives and make personal choices that will maximize their ability to function independently. Included are programs that provide counseling for individuals who have a family history of a particular health condition or disability and need assistance in coping with the emotional problems that are associated with having or being at risk for developing the condition.
Created 5/26/11
Changed 8/20/12
Use References Chronic Illness Counseling
Disability Counseling
Disability Related Counseling
Health Problems Counseling
Physical Health Counseling
Rehabilitation Counseling
See Also References AIDS/HIV Prevention Counseling (LH-2700.0150)
Health/Disability Related Support Groups (PN-8100.3000)
Health Resocialization (LR-3000)
Psychiatric Disorder Counseling (RP-1400.8000-675)
Terminal Illness Counseling (RP-1400.8000-850)
Terminal Illness Support Groups (PN-8100.8600)
External Classification Terms Counseling (UW
Counseling (NTE F60)
Mental Health (ACH L-01)
Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (CAN MH-500)
Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (USA MH-500)
Specialized Counseling (NPC F06)
Related Concepts Disabilities
Facet Service
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