Term Psychological Testing
Code RP-5000.6500
Definition Programs that provide a variety of standardized tests including personality inventories, aptitude tests, intelligence tests, attitude tests, projective measures and affective tests to evaluate the psychosocial functioning of people who may be experiencing mental, emotional or social difficulties. Psychological testing is often a part of a broader psychological assessment, and may be used in differential diagnosis to substantiate that a particular diagnosis is correct.
Created 5/25/11
Changed 3/29/16
Use References Affective Tests
Aptitide Tests
Attitude Tests
Personality Inventories
Personality Tests
Projective Measures
Psychometric Testing
See Also References Developmental Assessment (LF-7000.1700)
Developmental Screening (LF-7000.1730)
Educational Testing (HL-2000)
Psychological Assessment (RP-5000.6400)
Vocational Assessment (ND-2000.9000)
External Classification Terms Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (CAN MH-500)
Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (USA MH-500)
Mental Health Treatment (NPC F04)
Mental Health Treatment (NTE F30)
Outpatient Psychiatric Care (UW
Related Concepts Disabilities
Facet Service
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